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Flux and turbulence

SERA based wind flux meaurements
D-MIFU turbulence and flux instrumentation
SERA based flux measurements
D-MIFU during flux measurement

Airborne turbulence and flux measurements require a combination of fast instruments to measure 3 dimensional wind and trace substance concentrations from a moving platform (e.g. D-MIFU aircraft). Wind measurements are performed using a miniaturized standard five hole noseboom probe coupled to a high accuracy, precise inertial navigation system (RT3102). This probe also includes the ultrafast (50 Hz) temperature measurement. For flux measurements of CO2 and H2O a fast open path infrared gas analyzer (IRGA) is used. Online wind calculation is currently under development enabling relaxed eddy accumulation (REA) for compounds that are not measurable with high temporal resolution. Latent heat (H2O) flux measurements together with radiation budgets (radiation transfer) allow total energy budget and closure studies.

Contacts: Wolfgang Junkermann

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