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Radiation transfer studies

Radiation transfer measurements
Radiation transfer measurements
D-MIFU Research Aircraft

The radiation budget in the planetary boundary layer and the lower troposphere is investigated using small environmental research aircraft with a set of radiation sensors in the range from UV to IR. Sensor pairs are available for actinic radiation, either for special wavelength ranges (300 nm for J1D and 380 nm for JNO2) or spectrally resolved from 300 nm to 700 nm. These sensors, respectively their total signal is independent on the attitude of the mobile platform. Other radiation sensors which are measuring irradiance like pyranometers for total shortwave, pyrgeometers for infrared or wavelength selective irradiance sensors require horizontally stabilized gimballed platforms. The KIT IMK-IFU aircraft D-MIFU carries two of these stabilized platforms with pyranometers, pyrgeometers and irradiance sensors at wavelengths 320, 400, 550, 660 and 996 nm. Radiation transfer studies additionally require other parameters like temperature, humidity and aerosol optical properties and size distributions(->Aerosol measurements)


Contacts: Wolfgang Junkermann


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