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Alfonso Senatore

Dr. Alfonso Senatore

group: Regional Climate and Hydrology
room: 043
phone: +49 8821 183 267
fax: +49 8821 183 243
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Visiting researcher from University of Calabria (Italy)

Research fields:

  • GIS-based distributed water balance modeling at regional and catchment scale
  • Joint and coupled atmospheric-hydrological modeling
  • Field and hillslope scale eco-hydrological modeling aided by innovative techniques (Cellular Automata)
  • Evapotranspiration monitoring through eddy correlation flux measurements and remote sensing-based models
  • Water resources planning and management to face drought and water scarcity
 Recent/current projects:
  • Research Program of National Interest (PRIN) “Forecasting and mitigation of drought
  • INTERREG III B Archimed European project “PRODIM – PROactive management of water systems to face Drought and water scarcity in the Islands and coastal areas of the Mediterranean”
  • Italian National Operative Programme (PON 2007-2013) “Integrated systems for hydrogeological risk monitoring, early warning and mitigation along the main lifelines”
  • Calabrian Regional Operative Programme (POR FSE 2007/2013) “Development of distributed hydrological models and coupling with meteorological and climate models” (Post-Doc grant)

 Teaching at University of Calabria:

  • Numerical Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, School of Environmental Engineering
  • Hydraulic Infrastructures, School of Environmental Engineering
  • Teaching Assistant in various master courses (Cartography, GIS, Hydrology, Measurement Techniques)