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Prof. Dr. Klaus Schäfer

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schäfer

Senior Scientist (retired)
group: Regional Coupling of Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes
room: 264
phone: +49 8821 183 192
fax: +49 8821 73573
klaus schaeferLmg1∂kit edu

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schäfer

Research fields

  • Improvement of emission inventories and air quality studies by remote sensing: diffuse emissions by open-path spectrometry of gas plumes and inverse dispersion modelling as well as by big enclosures (500 m2)
  • hot exhaust emissions by passive spectrometry (see Carsten Jahn also)
  • air pollutants, greenhouse gases, fine dust and tracer in ambient air by in situ techniques, FTIR and DOAS (see Carsten Jahn and Maria Hoffmann also)
  • particulate concentrations near surface by satellite image monitoring (SPOT, Landsat)
  • mixing layer heights by SODAR and ceilometer (see Stefan Emeis also)
  • Development of FTIR emission spectrometry for passive remote sensing: spectra retrieval software MAPS on the basis of line-by-line calculations, development of calibration methods, scanning imaging spectrometry



  • Remote Sensing Technique for Aeroengine Emission Certification and Monitoring (AEROTEST, contract AST3-CT-2004-502856, 6th PCRDT, http://www.ecats-network.eu/related-activities)
  • Aircraft Emissions and Reduction Technologies (AERONETIII, contract ACA-CT-2003-502882, 6th PCRDT, http://www.ecats-network.eu/related-activities)
  • Environmentally Compatible Air Transport Systems (ECATS, contract ANE4-CT-2005-012284, 6th PCRDT, http://www.ecats-network.eu/related-activities)
  • Emission measurements of N2O at the soil surface on a scale of 100 m (DFG, contract SCHA 571/6-1)
  • Catalogue of measures for air quality and climate protection at the Marktgemeinde Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Marktgemeinde Garmisch-Partenkirchen)
  • Air quality studies within the area of Augsburg



  • University of Innsbruck, Institute for Meteorology and Geophysics, 2 hours lectures per week (winter semester) and 1 hour exercises per week (summer semester), students in the second part and for PhD: “Spectroscopic and further remote sensing methods for atmospheric environmental physics”
  • Supervision of Diploma or Master studies and PhD studies


Boards and committees

  • Associate Editor of the electronic journal "Journal of Applied Remote Sensing" (http://spie.org/jars/Member)
  • Member of the VDI national standards working group “Remote sensing – DOAS” (VDI 4212, part1) and CEN/TC 264/WG 18 on “Open path optical methods for the measurement of ambient air quality”