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Atmospheric Variability and Trends: Projects

The activities of Research Area "Atmospheric Variability and Trends" are embedded in R&D activitites of the German Helmholtz Society (basic funding) as well as in related funded projects.


The R&D activities are part of the "Atmosphere and Climate Program"  of the research area "Earth and Environment"  of the German Helmholtz Society. Contributions are made to "Program-Topic 3: Trace Substances in the Troposphere" .

Current funded projects are:


EU-INGOS Integrated non-CO2 Greenhouse gas Observing System R. Sussmann
DBU Quantifying the water vapor greenhouse effect at the high-altitude research station Zugspitze/Schneefernerhaus via radiative closure experiments in the infrared A. Reichert
ESA-GHG-cci A project proposal for generating the Essential Climate Variable (ECV) Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in the framework of ESA’s Climate Change Initiative (CCI) R. Sussmann
StMUG Measurement of the water vapor greenhouse effect in the Arctic and the Alps R. Sussmann
StMUG Development of a high-power Raman lidar for profiling of water vapor and temperature up to the stratosphere T. Trickl
BMWi Development of a reliable wide-range-tunable pulsed optical parametric oscillator with a band width below 100 MHz T. Trickl
EU-HYMN Hydrogen, Methane and Nitrous oxide: Trend variability, budgets and interactions with the biosphere R. Sussmann
EU-GEOMON Global Earth Observation and Monitoring R. Sussmann
ESA-TASTE Technical Assistance To Envisat validation by soundings, spectrometers and radiometers R. Sussmann
EU-EARLINET-ASOS European Aerosol Lidar Research Lidar Network T. Trickl
EU-ACCENT-TROPOSAT-2 The Satellite Remote Sensing Task of ACCENT, the European Network of Excellence on Atmospheric Composition Change PI-Contribution R. Sussmann
BMBF/DLR (German Space Agency) SATVAL-A – Validation of ENVISAT/SCIAMACHY methane columns R. Sussmann