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The online coupled meteorology-chemistry model WRF/Chem (Grell et al. 2005, Atmospheric Environment 39, 6957–6975; http://ruc.noaa.gov/wrf/WG11/) is applied at IMK-IFU for air quality modelling within several projects.
Poster Simulation of aerosol-meteorology feedback for Europe with WRF/Chem
Poster Aerosol radiative feedback
Poster Urban heat island & air quality
Poster Urban heat island & air quality


  • Contribution to AQMEII Phase 1 (Air Quality Modelling Evaluation International Initiative):
    Effect of aerosol-radiation feedback on regional air quality – A case study with WRF/Chem.
    Link to publication
  • Contribution to AQMEII Phase 2:
    Study on the effect of aerosol-meteorology interactions (direct and indirect aerosol effect) on results of a one-year WRF-Chem simulation: Link to publication
    Aerosol effect on precipitation. Link to poster
  • Effect of urban heat island mitigation on air quality - Applications for Stuttgart
    Link to presentation
    Link to PhD thesis
    Link to publication 'Secondary effects of urban heat island mitigation measures on air quality'
  • Intercomparison of PBL heights from WRF-Chem with ceilometer observations:
    Link to poster (presented at the 13th Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes 'Harmo13')
  • WRF-Chem simulations for health impact studies
    Link to poster


German WRF-Chem user community

On 17th September 2015 IMK-IFU was host of a one-day workshop of the WRF-Chem user community in Germany (Link to programme).

For more information on the German WRF-Chem user community, please see http://lists.mpic.de/mailman/listinfo/wrf-chem-de (mailing list hosted by MPIC Mainz).


Contact: Renate Forkel