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Regional Climate and Hydrology: Methods

General Contact: Harald Kunstmann


Dynamical Downscaling of global fields representing

 using  Nested regional simulations with the meteorological/climatological models


Statistical downscaling

Distributed hydrological modelling
with hydrological models WaSiM, HMS, NDHMS and GEOtop
Contact: Harald Kunstmann, Gerhard Smiatek


Coupled atmosphere-hydrological modelling
with model systems WRF-hydro, WRF-Noah LSM-HMS

Contact:  Benjamin Fersch, Harald Kunstmann


Integration and assimilation of remote sensing information using


Hydrometeorological observations

  • for water and energy fluxes performed in the projects TERENO and PROCEMA
  • For Snow in the Project "Alpine water resources research: Observing and modeling the spatio-temporal variability of snow dynamics and water- and energy fluxes” (Helmholtz Water Science Alliance)

Contact: Christian ChwalaJakob Garvelmann, Harald Kunstmann


Hydrological process analysis with stable water isotops
Contact: , Harald Kunstmann