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Climate Change Investigations for the Figeh Spring Area

Figeh spring    Figeh area

A set of downscaled climate change data from transient  experiments with regional climate models employing the A1B SRES scenario has been analyzed to access expected future climate change in the area of the Figeh spring system in Syria. The Figeh spring serves as a major water source for central Damascus, Syria, providing drinking water for around 2 Mio people. For the regional climate change analysis, in total a data ensemble from 9 regional models at spatial resolution of 0.25 degree  (approx. 25 km) has been investigated for the periods 1961-1990 for present day climate and the periods 2021-2050 and 2070-2099 for expected future climate conditions. The focus is on changes to annual, seasonal and monthly surface air temperature and precipitation and their inter-annual variability. Additional statistics were performed for snow masses and evaporation.

Contact: Harald Kunstmann, Gerhard Smiatek