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What IFU offers

MICMoR Summer School
IFU Professional Skills Courses
IFU Coaching
MICMoR Research Forum
MICMoR Career Days

Doctoral supervision

At IFU all doctoral researchers are required to complete a Supervision Agreement with their advisor(s) to document the mutual understanding of the topic, structure and time-line of the dissertation project. Furthermore, regular meetings with the advisor team are required so as to report on the concrete progress of their PhD project.


Scientific training

We organize and coordinate a broad range of Summer Schools and Technical Short Courses at IFU for Master students, doctoral students and postdocs, such as the MICMoR Summer Schools and Technical Short Courses. IFU scientists as well as visiting scientists from all over the world are lecturers in these courses.

Furthermore, IFU’s scientists are holding lectures and courses for Bachelor, Masters and PhD students at IFU and the universities where they have teaching chairs, e.g. at KIT, University of Freiburg, University of Augsburg, University of Cologne, TUM.

All IFU courses provide ample opportunities for our postdoctoral researchers to get hands-on experience in teaching.


Professional skills training

We also organize courses on a large range of professional skills, e.g., on publishing in journals, giving presentations and acquiring third party grants. Thereby supporting our young researchers in professional competencies for their future careers, within academia and outside.


Networking and exchange

We coordinate monthly IFU PhD Seminar where doctoral researchers present results of their on-going PhD work and recieve feedback from their fellow doctoral students and scientist colleagues. We also hold the annual MICMoR Research Forum with PhD presentations by MICMoR Fellows and a keynote talk by a renowned scientist.


Career development

We organize and run career days to provide insight into different career fields and options, both within and outside academia. Furthermore, we counsel young researchers on career development and next career steps. We also offer CV and application checks.