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Urban-Rural Interactions under Global Change: Results

Below you can find some final and intermediate results from current and previous work:


  Urban heat island: Adaptation and mitigation studies based on simulations with an urbanised version of WRF-Chem.
Aerosol-meteorology feedback: Simulations with WRF-Chem to investigate the impact of aerosol on radiation and cloud formation in Europe.
Links to publications: Forkel et al. 2012, Forkel et al., 2015

Mixing-layer height: Obtained from , ceilometer and RASS measurements.

Atmospheric turbulence:Analysis and parameterisation in models for onshore and marine atmospheric boundary layers.
  Biogenic volatile organic compounds: Modelling of BVOC degradation within forest canopies.
  Volcanic ash clouds: Ceilometer observations and numerical modelling of the dispersion of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull ash cloud.
Climate Change impact: Reginal climate-chemistry scenario simulations for ozone concentrations in Southern Germany.
Alpine air quality: Measurements and modelling of air quality in the upper Inn valley as part of an integrated approach.
Air quality modelling for Munich: Results of MOBINET project.
Biogenic volatile organic compounds: Effect of different isoprene chemistry mechanisms on regional air quality simulations.
Aircraft and airport emissions: The influence of aircraft emissions upon airport air quality were studied (NO2, NO, CO, VOC, PM).
Air quality and ABL structure: The impact of the vertical structure of the atmospheric boundary layer structure on air quality is studied from statistical correlations.
Inverse dispersion modelling: Improvement of non-intrusive measurement methods for the determination of emission rates from non-accessible sites.
  Up-scaling of greenhouse gas fluxes:Development of measurement and analysis techniques for the assessment of exchange fluxes between the soil and the atmosphere at a spatial scale of several tens of metres.
  Regional weather forecasts: Visit our latest weather forecasts.