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Determination of design-relevant load parameter for wind turbines in the German Bight from FINO1 data

The project started on April 1, 2005 and was finished on July 31, 2008. The project work was mainly done by Matthias Türk. All results of the project are available from the PhD thesis of Matthias Türk.

The project was executed in close cooperation with the German Wind Energy Institute (DEWI).

This project is part of the wind energy meteorology  efforts of the institute which is closely related to the efforts made to analyse and describe the vertical structure of the atmospheric boundary layer over different surfaces (cities, rural areas, complex terrain, water) as a prerequisite for trace gas and aerosol emission, transformation and dispersion studies.


Project Highlights:

Wave height dependence on wind speed

The dependence of the significant wave height in the German Bight has been analysed from FINO1 data as function of wind speed, wind direction and atmospheric stability. Heights of extreme waves are estimated. For more details see: Emeis, S., M. Türk, 2009: Wind-driven wave heights in the German Bight. Ocean Dynamics, 59, 463-475.


Dependence of offshore turbulence intensity on wind speed

The dependence of offshore turbulence intensity on wind speed was analysed from FINO1 data. For more details see: Türk, M., S. Emeis, 2010: The dependence of offshore turbulence intensity on wind speed. J. Wind Eng. Industr. Aerodyn., 98, 466-471.


Seasonal variation of offshore Weibull parameter

The seasonal variation of the vertical profiles of the Weibull parameters have been analysed frm FINO1 data. Both parameters show a clear annual variation. For more details see: Bilstein, M., Emeis, S., 2010: The Annual Variation of Vertical Profiles of Weibull Parameters and their Applicability for Wind Energy Potential Estimation. DEWI Magazine 36, 42-46.


Vertical wind profilesin the marine boudary layer

Vertical wind profiles have been analysed from four years of FINO1 fata. For more details see: Türk, M., K. Grigutsch, S. Emeis, 2008: The Wind Profile Above the Sea – Investigations Basing on Four Years of FINO1 Data. DEWI Magazin No. 33, 12-16.





 This work has been funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety via the PTJ under grant number FKZ 0329961. Simultaneously the project has been work package 5 of the RAVE project OWEA.

Contact: Stefan Emeis