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The Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII), coordinated by the European-Commission Joint Research Center (JRC) and the US- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) aims on the fundamental issue of model evaluation and the collaboration of the European and North American regional scale air quality modeling communities. AQMEII is coordinated by two chairs, one for north America and the other for Europe. It is supported by the Joint Research Centre/IES, Environment Canada and US-EPA that act as regional focal points.


AQMEII phase 1

Yearly simulations with WRF-Chem for the year 2006 were contributed by IMK-IFU to the first phase of AQMEII.

Results of the first phase are published in an AQMEII joint issue of Atmosheric Environment (Vol. 53).


AQMEII phase 2

The focus of the second phase of AQMEII (AQMEII-2) was on online coupled meteorology-atmospheric chemistry models and the interactions between atmospheric pollutants and meteorology.

Yearly simulations with WRF-Chem were performed for the year 2010. First results of the WRF-Chem simulations for AQMEII P2 have been presented at the EGU General Assembly in 2014.

Publication: Forkel et al., 2015


All final results of the second phase of AQMEII are published in an Atmospheric Environment Special Issue Section on AQMEII P2 (Vol. 115, page 340 ff of this volume).


Contact: Renate Forkel