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From 1996 until 2008 IMK-IFU operated a mobile long-range sodar for monitoring vertical profiles of wind speed and turbulence and for the detection of the mixing-layer height. The results entered air quality and wind resources studies.
large SODAR
The former large SODAR of IMK-IFU with a vertical range of more than 1000 m.

METEK DSDR3x7  Sodar

range: 60 - 1300 m

height res.: 20 m

frequency: 1500-2200 Hz

height: 4 m

weight: 8 t

length: 10 m

The instrument delivered vertical profiles of

- acoustic backscatter intensity

- wind speed

- wind direction

- turbulence (vertical component, sigma w)

every 10 to 30 min.


The sodar measurements were used to derive


- mixing-layer height (Emeis et al., 2007a, Emeis and Schäfer, 2006, Emeis and Türk, 2004)

- dispersion conditions (Emeis et al., 2007bEmeis, 2004b , Reitebuch et al., 2000)

- determination of emission rates (Emeis, 2008)

- wind resources (Emeis, 2001)

- flow conditions in complex terrain (Emeis et al., 2007a, Dosio et al., 2001, Grell et al., 2000)

- input parameter for numerical modelling (Emeis, 2004a)


The instrument is no longer available.


Contact: Stefan Emeis