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IFU Graduate Office

The IFU Graduate Office is the main platform for communication and interaction for doctoral researchers and postdocs at IFU.

What we do:

  • Manage and coordinate the Helmholtz Research School MICMoR
  • Develop all talent management measures for IFU’s doctoral and postdoctoral researchers
  • Coordinate and organize in-house training, both in scientific and professional skills
  • Provide exchange and discussion possibilities, e.g. at IFU’s monthly PhD seminar
  • Train and counsel young researchers, e.g. with regard to career development, funding, grant application
  • Provide onboarding and offer information and general support

If you have any questions or need support, you are welcome to contact us.


Dr. Elija B. Bleher

Head of IFU Graduate Office & MICMoR

Anne-Katrin Schwarzer


Petra Guppenberger

Assistant currently in
parental leave


IFU Graduate Office / MICMoR Coordination Office
name phone e-mail
+49 8821 183 111 elija bleherTeb0∂kit edu
currently in parental leave currently in parental leaveBdc0∂no Email available
+49 8821 183 111 anne-katrin schwarzerJmc9∂kit edu