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ACROSS - Ground Truth Demo and Test Facilities

Satellite and airborne remote sensing products depict valuable information sources for earth system models. Yet such products are often difficult to use because of lacking suitable ground truthing data. The Helmholtz (HGF) funded ACROSS project seeks to address this problem by augmenting the exsisting observatories of the TERENO network with additional measurements.

Within the framework of ACROSS, IMK-IFU operates various soil moisture measurements at it's pre-Alpine TERENO site Peißenberg-Fendt. A wireless sensor network is employed to observe the field-scale variability of soil-moisture, soil-temperature, and matrix potential with high spatial and temporal resolution. In addition, field-scale average soil moisture is detected using cosmic ray neutron probes.

Further information: http://across-project.de
Contact: Benjamin Fersch, Harald Kunstmann, HaPe Schmid