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WRF-Hydro - a model system to study coupled land-atmosphere interaction of water and energy

Terrestrial hydrological processes have important implications for regional dynamic atmospheric models. However, often these processes are neglected in these simulations. WRF-Hydro provides an interface for the integration of hydrological and atmospheric compartments into a closed coupled system. As a framework, WRF-Hydro is not restricted to a distinct combination of models and can be adapted to adress a considerable range of research questions. The WRF-Hydro system is applied, e.g., for the Ammer catchment in southern Germany or the Sissili basin in West Africa. Moreover, a distributed groundwater component is developed and tested.


WRF-Hydro model homepage: http://www.ral.ucar.edu/projects/wrf_hydro/

Contact: Benjamin Fersch, Harald Kunstmann