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Solar FTIR System Zugspitze (47.42 °N, 10.98 °E, 2964 m a.s.l.)

Contact: Ralf Sussmann, Markus Rettinger


Long-term observations with solar FTIR spectrometry are being performed at the Zugspitze observatory which is a mid-latitude Station within the NDACC network since 1995. Total columns and vertical profiles of more than two dozens of different trace species are recorded on typically 140 measurement days per year (e.g., H2O, CO, CH4, N2O, NO2, HNO3, O3, HF, HCl, ClONO2, COF2, ...).

Zugspitze FTIR – instrumentation


  • Bruker IFS120 HR (125 HR electronics update), evacuated 486 cm maximum optical path
  • MCT and InSb detectors (mid infrared) - three week dewars
  • sun tracker and 192 cm Newton telescope
  • remote control operation


Zugspitze Observatory

Solartracker  TelescopeZugspitze Laboratory

Interferometer chamber InSb and MCT Detectors