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In-Situ Measurement Techniques

Contact: Hans-Eckhart Scheel


The in-situ trace gas measurements at the stations Zugspitze, Wank and Garmisch-Partenkirchen are based on the following measurement principles:

O3 UV absorption at 254 nm

Vacuum UV fluorescence
Non-dispersive infrared absorption

NO, NOy Chemiluminesence, Molybdenum converter
Meteorological parameters standard instrumentation







The following principles are employed for the in-situ measurement of trace gases at the GAW station Cape Point.:

CO2 Non-dispersive infrared absorption (NDIR)
CH4 Gas chromatography with flame ionisation detector (FID)
N2O, CFCs Gas chromatography with electron capture detector (ECD)
CO Gas chromatography with HgO reduction detector
O3 UV absorption at 254 nm
222Rn Alpha counting
Meteorological parameters standard instrumentation