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Observatories: Cape Point (South Africa)

GAW Station: Scientific data analyses Hans-Eckhart Scheel in co-operation with the South African Weather Service (Ernst-Günther Brunke).


Cape Point
LOCATION: The station is situated near the Cape of Good Hope within a nature reserve.

INSTRUMENTATION: In-situ trace gases: CO, CO2, CH4, N2O, O3, CFCs,
moreover instruments for 222Rn, aerosols as well as meteorological parameters (pressure, wind, temperature, solar irradiance and others).



Map showing the location of Cape Point at the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula. The measuring station is situated on top of a cliff at 230 m a.s.l.

Cape Point Station

Photo showing the station consisting of the main building (natural stone walls, partly integrated into the rocks), the left one of the two historical cottages (white buildings), and the air intake mast.


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