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WRF (Weather Research and Forecast)

The non hydrostatic WRF-Model is a follow-up of NCAR/Penn State University meteorological model MM5. It can be applied over a range of spatial scales from the regional scale (several thousand kilometres, with a horizontal resolution of 30-100 km) up to 2km.

At IMK-IFU, the Advanced Research WRF (ARW) core is use. It consists of the ARW dynamics solver together with other components of the WRF system needed to produce a simulation. Thus, it also encompasses physics schemes, initialization routines, and a data assimilation package.

More information can be found at www.wrf-model.org/.


In our institute, WRF is used for numerical weather forecasts and delivers input fields for the hydrological model WaSiM for flood prediction. Additionally, we developed a method to compute moisture flux divergence in WRF to assess the global water budget, esp. changes in groundwater quantities. 








European hourly rainfall forecast


Intensive validation studies with WRF have shown its ability to reproduce observed meteorological quantities (e.g. 2m-temperature and rainfall observations) for different conditions in Central Europe and the Alps.


Contact: , Benjamin Fersch