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 GLOWA Volta Project - Phase III

Sustainable water use under changing land use patterns, rainfall reliability and water demand in the Volta basin.

The project is financed by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. Additional funding comes from the Ministry od Science and Research of North Rhine-Estphalia. 


The overall objective of the GLOWA Volta Project is the analysis of the physical and socio-economic determinants of the hydrological cycle inthe face of global climate change. Based on this, the project aims at the establishment of a scientifically sound Decision Support System for water resource management.

Further information can be found on http://www.glowa-volta.de/



The contribution of the IMK-IFU is

- Coupling Strategy for Joint Atmospheric-Hydrological Simulations
- Climate Change Impact on Water Availability
- Operational Weather Forecast (NWP), Model Based Water Balance Information System
- Assimilation of satellite derived land surface properties in hydrological modelling
- Propagation of precipiation uncertainties in water balance estimations 
- Prediction of the rainy season’s onset using Linear Discriminant Analysis, Linear Regression
  Analysis and multi objective fuzzy-rule-based classification of weather patterns
- Drought Analysis based on a Clayton copula approach
- Identification of extreme weather patterns and frequency analysis of past and future climate



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Contact: Harald Kunstmann, Patrick Laux, Sven Wagner, Gerlinde Jung (now at IIA-CNR, Rende, Italy)