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Monitoring and Minimisation of Traffic-Induced Noise and Air Pollution Along Major Alpine Transport Routes – 01.01.2005-31.12.2007


Inn valley - Source: IMG, Austria

The environmental impact of cross-Alpine transport through sensitive valleys is at the heart of the ALPNAP activities. In these areas, the local meteorology is influenced to a large extent by the topography. More importantly, the complex and varying meteorological processes affect not only the transport of air pollutants and the propagation of sound, but also the human perception and health impacts.

ALPNAP unites the expertise in meteorology, air pollution, noise, and environmental health research to establish adequate methods which account for these – hitherto neglected - complex interactions.

Link to project page, report, brochure, and information of the project:

  • Project home page 
  • Comprehensive Report (335-page book for consulters and experts in environment and transport administrations)
    Download the Comprehensive Report (19 MB) 
  • ALPNAP Brochure (20-page booklet)
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Papers and publications:

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Suppan, P.; Schäfer, K.; Vergeiner, J.; Emeis, S.; Obleitner, F., 2006: Assessment of Air Pollution in the Vicinity of Major Alpine Routes, In: Book of Abstracts, 8th Highway and Urban Environment Symposium, 12-14 June 2006, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2006

Poster 'Remote sensing of the thermal layering of a valley atmosphere' Poster 'Meteorological influences upon air quality in a deep Alpine valley' Poster 'Regional Scale Modelling in the Alps'