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In-situ air quality and meteorological measurements

Air pollution and meteorological parameters can be monitored in situ. An instrumented car was available at IMK-IFU until 2012.

In situ measurement devices were operated for NO and NOx (Thermo Environmental Instruments Inc. 42C Trace Level), CO (Aero Laser GmbH AL 5001), O3 (Horiba Ltd. APOA 350E) and PM10 (Digitel Electronics AG FH 62 I-N) mass concentrations.

Further stand alone instruments for NO and NOx (Thermo Environmental Instruments Inc. 42C Trace Level) and PM10 (Thermo Electron Corp. FH 62 IR) are in use.

An ultrasonic anemometer for wind and temperature (Metek GmbH USA-1) and two weather stations for meteorological parameters complete the system.

These techniques had been applied in air quality studies in urban areas and sensitive regions (Schäfer et al., 2005; Schäfer et al., 2008). Special emphasis is laid on meteorological influences such as mixing layer height upon air quality (Schäfer et al., 2006) and airport air quality (Schürmann et al., 2007).