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Air Quality in Mexico City

Traffic in Mexico City
Climate change effect on ozone
Airport measurements


Mexico City belongs to a number of cities in the subtropical and tropical regions which suffer from high concentrations of ozone and related photooxidants and particulate matter. Although abatement measures were implemented by the city authorities during the last years the concentrations of ozone and its precursors as well as aerosol particles still exceed significantly the threshold values and are causing health effects, ecological damages and economic losses.

In order to investigate the effect of emission mitigation measures, climate change, the role of particular emittands on urban air quality as well as the city's impact on its surroundings, modelling studies and measurement campaigns are performed in cooperation with Mexican scientists.

Current and previous work:




UNAM, Centro de Ciencias de la Atmósfera, Fisicoquímica Atmosférica


Contact: Renate Forkel, Rainer Steinbrecher