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Diploma Johannes Werhahn

Senior Scientist
group: Regional Coupling of Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes & Regional Climate and Hydrology
room: Campus Alpin
phone: +49 8821 183-244
fax: +49 8821 183-243
johannes werhahnGax5∂kit edu

Research fields

  • Air quality modeling in urban conglomerations and surroundings
  • Coupling of the chemical transport MCCM with micro-scale models
  • Numeric Simulation of regional precipitation forecast
  • Coupling of the meteorological model MM5 with hydrological models



  • DPHASE (Demonstration of Probabilistic Hydrological and Atmospheric Simulation of flood Events in the Alpine region): Forecasting heavy precipitation and related flooding events in the Alpine region, some of the achievements of the meso-scale Alpine program (MAP, the first Research and Development Project under the auspices of the World Weather Research Program of the WMO)
  • Aerosol assessment studies within the greater area of Graz/Austria introducing coupled modeling systems in close cooperation with the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics Department Emissions of the TU-Graz and the Bundesland Steiermark
  • Changjiang Flood Forecasting Assistance Project: Optimizing the operational flood forecasts of the neighboring gauge of the three gouge dam at the Yangtze River in China, cooperation with Swiss Federal Institute for Forest Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) and Changjiang Water Resources Commission CWRC (China)
    Operational weather forecasts for southern Germany, Ghana und the Yangtze Area (China)