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MLH evaluation
Evaluation of simulated MLH
Region to local
Regional to urban simulations

 Measurement methods and platforms for the assessment of the current situation:

  • Field measurement campaigns
  • air pollution monitoring (e.g. contribution to aerosol-measuring station Augsburg, open-path remote sensing measurements Beijing) to determine emission rates of air pollutants and greenhouse gases as well as air quality parameters (chemistry & meteorology)
  • Evaluation of regional dispersion modeling by representative measurements, e.g. particles and  precursors


Numerical model systems for different scales and compartments:

  • Atmosphere-biosphere models for process oriented simulation of photosynthesis, emission of trace compounds (e.g. BVOC), and in-canopy chemistry
  • Regional scale modeling (also including regional climate-chemistry simulations) 
  • local scale air quality modeling for urban impact assessment and urban heat island studies and the investigation of meteorology-air chemistry interactions.


 Models  WRF-Chem, WRF,MOBILE/Landscape DNDC, PALM4U, CACHE, MCCM, iTree,GRAL
 Instruments  Ceilometers, RASS, DOAS, in-situ instruments
 Platforms  Hexacopter