water surfaceGerman Hydrology Prize 2024

Prof. Dr. H. Kunstmann from the IMK-IFU Campus Alpin receives the German Hydrology Award 2024 for his research on the topic of water as a resource: water availability, climate phenomena and modeling of hydrological processes.

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Bäume, AfrikaLandscape classification and reforestation

Relationship between the success of reforestation projects in Africa and the quality of small-scale landscape ecosystem classification. Forwarding to

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GrastalClimate change in Europe

Consequences in Bavaria: longer and more frequent dry spells, stress on ecosystems and influence on economic developments. Interview with Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann. Forwarding to

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BergblickIncrease in climate risks

Increasing extreme weather events and their consequences for the environment, the economy and social life. Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann on the regional effects. Forwarding to

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Beschneite SkipisteChanging winters

Rising snow line, shorter snowfall periods, temperature increase of up to 4°C by 2050. Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann on winter climate change in the Alps. Interview from minute 06:30. Forwarding to DW Travel.

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Wasserdampf in der AtmosphäreHöhenverteilung von Treibhausgasen

Dr. Rer. Nat. Hannes Vogelmann uses LIDAR to measure the height distribution of aerosols and water vapor on the Schneefernerhaus. Interview from Minute 01:40. Forwarding to Klimawandel meistern.

WaldThreat to tree species worldwide

Habitat fragmentation and land use change threaten 65% of tree species in the Atlantic rainforest, 43% of tree species worldwide and 82% of regional tree species. Forwarding to mdr.

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