Terrestrial Bio-Geo-Chemistry

Lab studies: filtering of soil extracts

Greenhouse: Impact of elevated CO2 on matter fluxes

Lab incubation: Automated gas flux measurements from soils

In-situ incubation of intact soil cores for determination of source strength of greenhouse gases

Gas chromatography: Analysis of trace gases

One of the greatest challenges for predicting future environmental conditions is to better understand anthropogenic perturbations of the biogeochemical cycles of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) and associated exchange processes between terrestrial ecosystems, the atmosphere and the hydrosphere.
In our division we use an integrated research approach consisting of process and field studies, and use of observational data for developing and testing process models. This scale-bridging approach is key to better characterize and quantify impacts of changes in climate, landuse and land management on coupled C and N processes from site to regional scale and to identify land use and land management strategies, which allow to

  • adapt agricultural and forest systems to climate change, and
  • to reduce the environmental footprint of agricultural systems due to GHG emissions and nutrient losses to the environment.


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Dr. rer. nat. PD Ralf Kiese
Dr. rer. nat. PD Ralf Kiese
Head of working group ecosystem matter fluxes

+49 8821 183-153ralf kieseEsq9∂kit edu

Dr.  Michael Ulrich Dannenmann
Dr. Michael Ulrich Dannenmann
Head of working group Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry

+49 8821 183-127michael dannenmannYbu5∂kit edu


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