Division of Ecosystem-Atmosphere Interactions

In the division of Ecosystem-Atmosphere Interactions, we investigate plant-soil interactions and surface-atmosphere trace gas exchanges in context of global environmental changes, combining observation-based methods and modelling.

One important focus in on multi-stress (and stress recovery) effects on plant-soil interactions and trace gas fluxes, both in a controlled greenhouse facility, and under field conditions; applying chambers, micro-meteorological techniques and ground-based remote sensing to assess within- and above canopy transport-processes under different conditions.

A range of process-based leaf-, canopy- and landscape scale modelling studies are used to scale understanding in space and time.

Moving from there to regional and global scale questions, dynamic global vegetation and Earth System models are developed and applied to address how climate change and land use change interact with ecosystem functioning and the services human societies can derive from the underlying processes (e.g., carbon storage, yields, fire regime).