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Staff Council (Personalrat) of IMK-IFU at KIT

A new staff council has been elected on July 01, 2014. Its term is five years.

Our task is to help all staff of the institute in Garmisch with meaningful and convenient working conditions.

Please address us via carsten.jahn (at) kit.edu.



 Name  Function
Carsten Jahn Chairman
Renate Forkel Deputy Chairwoman
Anja Schäfler-Schmid  
Georg Willibald  
Christoph Sörgel  
Janina Klatt  
(Petra Guppenberger, maternal leave)  
Hannes Vogelmann  
Rüdiger Grote  
Matthias Perfahl  


The first five persons are regular members of the staff council, the others replace them in case of absence.

We are working closely together with the staff council of KIT in Karlsruhe.