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Earth System Modelling at IMK-IFU


One of the major challenges in the 21st century is to understand better the impact of Global Change from regional to global scales, to develop scientificly sound mitigation and adaptation strategies in view of the growing human population and the increasing demand for natural resources.

Earth System Modelling at IMK-IFU therefore aims - in close cooperation with field and laboratory measurements - to develop improved methods to be applied in the field of analytical earth system research. Modelling activities at IMK-IFU improve our understanding of physical, chemical and biological processes as well as human impacts influence the dynamics of the biosphere-hydrosphere-atmosphere system, especially with regard to feedback mechanisms of Global Change. Site and regional model development and application at IMK-IFU concentrate on the different compartments of the Earth System and various spatial and temporal scales, but also aim to link integratively single models to coupled model systems.