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Head of Division 'Ecosystem-Atmosphere Interactions' and Head of Research Group 'Plant Atmosphere Interactions'
Prof. Dr. Almut Arneth



Internships, M.Sc. & B.Sc. projects available!

Contact Prof. Almut Arneth or Dr. Nadine Ruehr if you are interested.


Research Group: Plant-Atmosphere Interactions

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Projects & Collaborations


Research scope

The PAI group is interested in the interplay between terrestrial ecosystems, climate change and land-use change, focussing on regional-global scale questions and applications. We use advanced dynamic ecosystem modelling frameworks (e.g., LPJ-GUESS) coupled to Earth system models (e.g., EC-Earth) and models of land-use change. In the broadest sense, our research questions are:

  • How do climate change, change in atmospheric CO2 and land-use change individually and jointly affect the state and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems and (some of) the ecosystem services they provide?
  • Where is the impact of each of these drivers largest, and over which time horizon
  • Are there identifiable feedbacks in the ecosystem-landuse-climate change system?
  • What (and how large) are the chief uncertainties?