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Head of Research Group

Dr. Nadine Rühr


Plant Ecophysiology

We study fundamental plant physiological processes in the carbon and water cycle and aim to assess the vulnerability of plants and ecosystems to extreme climate events. Specifically, we are interested in the responses of trees to heat waves and drought including the recovery from stress.

We expose plants to a range of realistic stress scenarios under controlled experiment conditions and integrate measurements from the cellular to the plant level including metabolites, volatile organic compounds, hydraulic properties, growth and carbon-water relations.

We upscale experimental results with state-of-the-art process models to predict ecosystem responses under global change scenarios.

Name Phone Email
+49 8821 183 187 andrea-livia jakabCej0∂kit edu
+49 8821 183 213 andreas gastRlv3∂kit edu
+49 8821 183 215 benjamin biramiEir6∂kit edu
+49 8821 183 196 marielle gattmannUzx9∂kit edu
+49 8821 183 230 nadine ruehrEsi5∂kit edu
+49 8821 183 195 romy rehschuhKjd3∂kit edu

The Plant Ecophysiology Group receives funding by the Emmy Noether-Programm of the German Science Foundation.