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Head of Research Group

Dr. Nadine Rühr


Benjamin Birami

Benjamin Birami

PhD Student
group: Plant-Atmosphere Interactions
room: 192
phone: +49 8821 183 215
fax: +49 8821 735 73
benjamin biramiOri8∂kit edu

Research Interests

  • Physiological plant response on future climate conditions
  • long and short-term stress response
  • primary and secondary plant metabolism
  • Sink-Source-Interactions: Plant performance when environmental stress on photosynthetically activ organs is increasing and carbon/water dynamics are limiting sink supply
  • Combined heat- and drought as trigger for stress response in Aleppo Pine (pinus halepensis)
  • Tools: simulation of future climate conditions in greenhouse growth chambers
  • gas exchange measurements - CO2 , H2O, BVOC
  • central carbon metabolism measurements
  • ROS metabolism measurements



  • CliFF: Climate feedbacks and benefits of semi-arid forests,funded by German Research Foundation (DFG)


CliFF Cooperations

  • Weizmann Institute of Israel, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Dan Yakir`s Lab, Eco-Physiology Group


PhD Cooperations

Prof. Dr. Heinz Rennenberg, UNI Freiburg - Institut für Forstwissenschaften
Professur für Baumphysiologie
Georges-Köhler Allee, Geb. 53/54
79085 Freiburg
T: 0761-203-8301
F: 0761-203-8302
E-Mail: heinz rennenbergHzq1∂ctp uni-freiburg de

Prof. Dr. Arnd G. Heyer, University of Stuttgart
Institute of Biomaterials and biomolecular Systems
Dept. of Plant Biotechnology Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569 Stuttgart
T: +49 711 685 65050
F: +49 711 685 65096



since 10/2015 PhD, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology-Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research Atmospheric Environmental Research (IMK-IFU), Germany - research group: Plant Atmosphere Interactions
  Thesis title: "Carbon status and water dynamics feed-backs on stress response in Pinus halepensis seedlings under predicted heat, drought, and future CO2 conditions"



Annual GfÖ Meeting, Heat and drought:                                                 "Stress and recovery responses of Aleppo pine seedlings"


2014: Diploma in Technical Biology, University of Stuttgart, Germany - Department of Plant Biotechnology Thesis: "Sink-Source-Interactions: Change of shoot-to-root phloem transport as a function of carbohydrate status of source leaves in Arabidopsis thaliana" Project thesis: "The subcellular hexose allocation and its effect on respiration in Arabidopsis thaliana"


Trugman, A. T.; Anderegg, L. D. L.; Wolfe, B. T.; Birami, B.; Ruehr, N. K.; Detto, M.; Bartlett, M. K.; Anderegg, W. R. L.
Climate and plant trait strategies determine tree carbon allocation to leaves and mediate future forest productivity [in press].
2019. Global change biology. doi:10.1111/gcb.14680
Preisler, Y.; Ahiman Ori; Müller, J.; Grünzweig Jose M.; Rotenberg, E.; Birami, B.; Ruehr, N.; Yakir, D.
Elimination of seasonal drought and its effect on canopy gas exchange in a dry Mediterranean pine forest.
2018. EGU General Assembly (2018), Vienna, Austria, April 8–13, 2018 
Birami, B.; Gattmann, M.; Heyer, A. G.; Grote, R.; Arneth, A.; Ruehr, N. K.
Heat Waves Alter Carbon Allocation and Increase Mortality of Aleppo Pine Under Dry Conditions.
2018. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, 1, 17 S. doi:10.3389/ffgc.2018.00008Full text Full text of the publication as PDF document
Birami, B.; Gattmann, M.; Preisler, Y.; Gast, A.; Nägele, T.; Grote, R.; Arneth, A.; Ruehr, N.
Elevated [CO₂] affects whole-plant gas exchange and primary metabolism during heatwave combined with drought in Aleppo pine seedlings.
2018. EGU General Assembly (2018), Vienna, Austria, April 8–13, 2018 
Birami, B.; Ruehr, N.; Gattmann, M.; Bamberger, I.; Gast, A.; Grote, R.; Arneth, A.
Heat and drought: Stress and recovery responses of Aleppo pine seedlings.
2016. 46th Annual Meeting ot the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Marburg, September 5-9, 2016