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MOSAIK: Modellbasierte Stadtplanung und Anwendung im Klimawandel (Model-based city planning and application in climate change)

MOSAIK: Modellbasierte Stadtplanung und Anwendung im Klimawandel (Model-based city planning and application in climate change)

Matthias Mauder

Renate Forkel

Basit Khan


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)






Model-based city planning and application in climate change: Urban chemistry and air pollution
First results of PALM with chemistry

Poor air quality in urban areas due to strong anthropogenic emissions has a negative effect on human health and well-being. In order to apply the PALM modelling system for air quality analysis and mitigation studies the transport and chemical transformation of atmospheric pollutants in the gas phase and aerosols need to be included.


The primary goal of this sub-project of MOSAIK is to develop and evaluate online coupled chemistry modules with different complexity for PALM: a more simple chemistry scheme for the LES mode, where turbulence at street level is described in detail, and a more complex chemistry, which can applied in combination with the RANS mode. Besides the chemistry schemes themselves, also additional required modules and input, such as photolysis (dissociation of molecules by solar radiation), boundary conditions, or anthropogenic and biogenic emissions are developed.


Scheme of the distribution of tasks


Within this work package efforts are shared among Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), IMK-IFU and the Free University Berlin (FUB), TrUmF. Inventories of emissions by traffic and heating devices are compiled by subcontractors.



Maronga, B., Gross, G., Raasch, S., Banzhaf, S., Forkel, R., Heldens, W., Kanani-Sühring, F., Matzarakis, A., Mauder, M., Pavlik, D., Pfafferot, J., Seckmeyer, G., Sieker, H., and Trusilova, K., 2019: Development of a new urban climate model based on the model PALM - Project overview, planned work, and first achievements, Meteorologische Zeitschrift,https://doi.org/10.1127/metz/2019/0909 External Link.



AGU Fall Meeting 2017: Link to conference site, link to poster

EGU 2018: Talk Khan et al.; Poster Forkel et al., link to poster

ITM 2019: Poster 'Test of gas phase chemistry mechanisms and boundary conditions for the LES model PALM-4U with online coupled chemistry': Link to poster