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Head of Division 'Regional Climate Systems and of Research Group 'Regional Climate and Hydrology'

Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann


Division: Regional Climate Systems

Climate change and its environmental impact are counted among the most important socio-political challenges for this century. Climate has changed significantly during the last decades mainly as the result of a variety of human activities. Recent estimates indicate that the total global emission of the most important greenhouse gas CO2 will continue to increase by more than 50 % within the next 25 years due to the growth of the human population and the economy. This will cause a continuing climate change during the next decades with serious environmental and socio-economic impact.
Designing adaptation strategies requires a fundamental understanding of regional climate change which will develop differently in many areas of the world as compared with global climate change.

The division Regional Climate Systems faces up to this challenge and develops and provides effective and reliable predictive capabilities for future regional climate projections, addressing the various feedback mechanisms of the complex biosphere/atmosphere exchange and other stress factors such as changing land use and emission patterns.


  regional climate systems  

  regional climate systems