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Prof. Dr.  Harald Kunstmann

Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann

Deputy Director IMK-IFU
group: Regional Climate and Hydrology
room: Campus Alpin
phone: +49 8821 183-208
harald kunstmannWub2∂kit edu

Research Group: Regional Climate and Hydrology


List of Publications


Research and Teaching at University of Augsburg


Research fields:

  • Impact of regional climate change on terrestrial hydrology
  • Dynamical and statistical downscaling of meteorological fields
  • Fully coupled and compartment crossing regional atmospheric and hydrological modeling
  • Modeling and observation of joint water- and energy fluxes
  • Use of commercial microwave links (CMLs) for precipitation quantification
  • Geostatistical merging of hydrometeorological variables

Recent Third-Party Funded Projects:

  • BMBF: "South African Land Degradation Monitor" (SALDI)
  • DFG: "Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing" (Cosmic Sense)
  • HGF: "Digital Earth" (Digital Earth)
  • BMBF: "Energy Supply for Healthcare Facilities in Ghana" (EnerSHeLF)
  • DFG:  "Genauere Vorhersage von Hochwasser durch eine Verbesserung der Niederschlagsmessung mittels Daten von kommerziellen Richtfunkstrecken (CMLs)" (HoWa Innovativ)
  • DFG: "High-Resolution Atmospheric Water Vapor Fields by Spaceborne Geodetic Sensing, Tomographic Fusion, and Atmospheric Modeling (AtmoWater)"
  • StMWK: "Klima- und Wasserhaushaltsanalyse für Bayern mittels extrem hochaufgelöster regionaler Erdsystemmodellierung" (LandKlif TP-8)
  • BMBF: "Seasonal Water Resources Management in Semiarid Regions: Application-oriented Transfer of Regionalized Global Information (SaWaM)"
  • DFG: "Integrating Microwave Link Data for Analysis of Precipitation in Complex Terrain: Theoretical Aspects and Hydrometeorological Applications (IMAP)"
  • DFG: "Data Assimilation for Improved Characterization of Fluxes Across Compartmental Interfaces (FOR2131)"
  • HGF TERENO (TERENO): "Setup, coordination and operation of the Alpine terrestrial observatory"


Finished Projects:

  • HGF ACROSS: "Advanced Remote Sensing - Ground Truth Demo and Test Facilities (ACROSS)"
  • HGF Water Science Alliance (WSA)
  • HGF Remote Sensing Alliance (RSA)
  • HGF Regional Climate Initiative (REKLIM)
  • BMBF: "West African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL)"
  • GRACE-KIT: "UAV-Based Remote Sensing and Georeferenciation of Trace Gases, Energy Balance-Components and Land-Surface Properties (GRACE-UAV)"
  • DFG: "Waves to Weather. A Transregional Collaborative Research Center (W2W)"
  • BMBF: "Synthetic Precipitation Time Series for the Optimal Design and Operation of Urban Drainage Systems (SYNOPSE)"
  • Stiftung Energieforschung Baden-Württemberg: "Quantification of Precipitation via Commercial Microwave Links: Development of Algorithms for an Area Wide Operational Application (QPCML)"
  • DFG-NSFC: "Long term land use - precipitation feedbacks in the Hai River and Poyang Lake regions (PREFEED)"
  • DFG Priority Programme 1257 (Mass Transport and Mass Distribution in the Earth System, http://www.massentransporte.de/): "The global continental water balance using GRACE spaceborn gravimetry and high resolution consistent geodetic-hydrometeorological data analysis"
  • Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW): "Impact of climate change on the Figeh-Spring, Damascus/Syria"
  • CEDIM: "Flood Hazards in a changing climate"
  • StMUG & Nationalpark Berchtesgaden: "Water balance of Nationalpark Berchtesgaden and improvement of snow modeling
  • BMBF: "GLOWA-Jordan: An international study of the future of the scarce Jordan River basin under the impact of climate and global change" (http://www.glowa-jordan-river.de/)
  • BMBF: "Food security in Eastern Africa: Steering rice productivity towards climate resilience (RICE-EA)"
  • HGF Virtual Institute PROCEMA (http://www.imk-ifu.kit.edu/1179.php): "Regional precipitation observation by cellular network microwave attenuation and application to water resources management"
  • GTZ/BMZ: Adaptation of Land Use to Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa (ALUCCSA)
  • GLOWA-Volta: Sustainable water use under changing land use patterns, rainfall reliability and water demand in the Volta BasinInterreg IIIb Alpine Space Programme & StMUV (Land Bayern):  Climate Change, Impacts and Adaptation Strategies in the Alpine Space
  • Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt (LfU): “Modelltechnische Erweiterung des Wasserhaushaltsmodells WaSiM-ETH und Aufbau, Test und Anwendung am Beispiel des Einzugsgebietes der Alz”
  • Chiemgau-Studie (BMBF): Klimaschutz- und Anpassungspotenziale einer Region und ihre Erschließung – Fallstudie „Chiemgau - Inn – Salzach-Berchtesgaden“
  • AMMA-EU: African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis